German Karneval

Germany is well known for its bear and bread.

But what many people who come to Germany for its splendor in brewed and baked goodies often do not suspect is it’s deep rooted love for Carnival.

Carnival is a cultural melting pot that brings people together in the streets all over Germany. It takes place once per year, kicking of November 11 and ending around Ash Wednesday several months later. During this period of time people with different Nationalities meet in the streets to accompany parades and collect sweets and roses.

A famous painter,when asked why he painted a picture, replied that: “If I could express my painting in words I would not need to paint it.”

In the same spirit, please enjoy the following pictures of Carnival in Cologne-Rodenkirchen, Germany.


The co workers of Matternus-Oldage care takers come together to walk the parade in Cologne-Rodenkirchen, for Carnival 2017. (Photo: Hermann Rohr)