The Senses We Take For Granted

There is so much information buzzing around us. Much of it we don’t even hear or feel or smell, but it’s there. It conveys┬áthe images we look at on our smart phones and pads, the tweets we read and the messages we send.

Information is one of the biggest growing markets. But we also need to take a step back, if we do that we might notice the small details of life and the senses that we perceive them with.


Through the eyes of a Child

Sunset in The Eye of a Child
A child watches the sun set for the first time. It’s so amazing that he has to share it by pointing at it and making others aware of it.

Just the other day I was lucky play outside with my son who is three. He loves nature and is as curious as it comes. He has to touch everything, sometimes it’s quite challenging to stay on top of it, but other times, when i just take it for what it is, I see a child exploring, learning and developing. What more could a parent ask for?

Ok, that’s a child.

Child smelling flowers, because they look so yellow. Why not?
Child smelling flowers, because they look so yellow. Why not?

But what out grown ups? What senses do you enjoy using the most? Which sensations stimulate your wellbeing the most? Have you ever thought about that?

No? If you have, that’s great!

If you haven’t then its about time to go out or stay in and just become completely aware of your surrounding. The chair you are sitting on, the water cooler bubbling in the background. The cars passing by in the distance. The feeling of the chair you are sitting on.


A way to brake out


There is nothing like a busy schedule, to many tasks ahead and not enough time. That’s life for almost 60 percent of society. Many of us like to wear allot of hats.

But when it all comes raining down and you just can’t hold your self, you are about to scream or become a social lunatic- what do you do, when it feels like the four walls around you are shrinking down.

Well I know what I do. I just take a step back and try to realize ” the oceans are vast and the heavens are endless”. It’s easy to say that, but what does it actually mean?


For me it’s becoming aware of where I actually am, right now right here. Ok, check!

Then it’s realizing that the problem is not the problem by me and how I am dealing with it. Ok, check!

Now I take a deep breath and lean back for a moment. See that? Yup, that’s my posture. How am I actually sitting, standing- what is my body language actually telling me? Ok, check!

Sounds, smells, touch…..all that is like a sensational reboot. Ok, check!


And when I finally turn back to face my problem, the one that seemed as big as a seven story building, seen from the perspective of an ant. That precise problem has now shrunk to the size of a grape and fits into my food bowl.


More to it than a simple conclusion can spell

The point is, there are are so many small things we take for granted that can actually have huge positive effects on us, while we over focus on miner trivia and amplify them to proportions unrelated to their actual importance in life.

Once we take a step back and go inside our selves, it’s like a new world with so many places and faces. You can travel all the roads in this world and still not find peace, but once you journey just one step into yourself you might find enlightenment.

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