Smiles Can Melt A Man’s Heart

Lately it seems that most missions I could be on are shadowed by one ultimate mission.

I would travel far and dig deep, climb mountains and hurdle dangerous terrains to achieve this goal.

What is it?

Make her smile!


Yup, making her smile is like the most precious gift. Yes, there are so many other things I am grateful for, but one of them is her smile. In that moment it’s like the world stops turning and everything freezes, just for her smile.


There’s really no better way to describe the satisfaction I get from seeing her smile and knowing it’s because I caused it. If there was one ego trait I would keep, it would be the pleasure of knowing I made her smile, I was able to make her happy.


More than just planting flowers



Yes, it takes allot of effort to get a garden going. That’s not where it ends however. Once you got your garden going and the first plants blooming you also have to maintain it, which takes consistent effort.

Once you slack off your garden will pay the price.


She is my greatest garden project. It’s a four-season task. But every ounce of sweat I poor in I get out manyfold. When she blooms, her flowers challenge the beauty of any plant around her.


Through Stormy Weather 



Don’t think true love is just smooth sailing. Don’t think true love is even anywhere close to true love when the sky turns dark, the clouds go gray and the storm pulls in.

It’s tough! Ever seen one of those old movies, with a fisherman at sea, fighting against the see, trying to keep his course while the wind just keeps beating at him. Well, that’s smooth sailing compared to how things can get with her.

But after every storm the sun comes out and the sky turns blue. Looking up I always find that that rain bow. Whether it really has a pot of gold at it’s end, I don’t know. But one thing is for shore, it marks the beginning of a new phase and clear new sky. All old grief washes away by the dispute.

It takes some looking inward, and searching for shortcoming by my self to really stay on corse during and after the storm, but compassion always widens my heart and clears my mind.

Yes, my favorite moments are watching her walk away, well knowing that once the sun set’s we shall embrace on another again.


She is my hero. A mother and a wife.

The magic of birth is to me the grandest of all things that happen. I was able to be part of it.

The result a being I have been able to watch growing and thriving, changing and advancing.

She has given me so many presents, and supported me in so many ways.


My pot of gold at the end of the rainbow


One thing she gives me that no body ever will be able to, is her heart felt smile. And for that I am ever grateful.


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