Mother and Daughter smile during Cologne Carnival
A mother and her daughter smile during Cologne Carnival, 2017.
Cologne Carnival
Two friends pose for a picture in Rodenkirchen Cologne, during Carnival, 2017
Steam Punk look during Cologne Carnival
Steam Punk look. A man uses during Street Carnival in Cologne, Rodenkirchen, 2017


Coworkers Smiling at one another during Cologne Carnival
Two co-workers of Maternus Seniorenheim Köln-Rodenkirchen smiling at each other at the company street parade during Carnival, 2017, in Cologne, Rodenkirchen, Germany.

Smiling young lady wearing a white clown wig, with red and white lines of make up under her eye and blurred out people in the background. Man dressed up for carnival in cologne, wearing a Indian-head ornament with blue and black feathers and a public workers safety street vest.      

The co workers of Matternus-Oldage care takers come together to walk the parade in Cologne-Rodenkirchen, for Carnival 2017. (Photo: Hermann Rohr)
New York City (NYC), skyline as seen from Hoboken, New Jersey (NJ), just before sunset on September 11, 2016.
New York City (NYC), skyline as seen from Hoboken, New Jersey (NJ). On September 11, 2016.
The memorial site for all the victims of the 911 incident that took place on September 11, 2001 in New York City. On September 11, 2016.
World Trade Center Path Station, NYC on 911, 2016. On September 11, 2016.
The One World Trade Center Building on 911, 2016. On September 11, 2016.
George Washington bridge and NYC as seen from NJ-side, Fort Lee. Just before sunrise.
Happy elderly lady walking at Bryant park. She has a coffee in hand, is on her way to take a seat. On September 28, 2016.
A young lady selling pastry at a street market at Bryant Park, NYC. She is smiling as bright as the sun is shining.On September 28, 2016.
A homeless man sits by the road side in new york city. On September 28, 2016. -New York City
Two Firemen coming from the World Trade Center memorial site on 911, 2016. On September 11, 2016. -New York City


Happy Couple Portrait




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