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Systematized Client Acquisition

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Over 2,000 Companies worldwide rely on Systematized Client Acquisition

The secret to a predictable number of deals every month is systemizing your client acquisition process. The ONLY way to scale a system and duplicate yourself is by implementing Automation and AI.

About Hermann Rohr

First Systems, then Automation

In order to automate, you need to systematize

II get it,

internet, automation, AI... buzz words that get the heart of any business owner racing.

If you've been struggling with low client numbers despite your prospecting efforts, then the time you spend on this site will be the most valuable investment you'll make this year.

But actually implementing automation and AI in a meaningful way requires systematizing client acquisition first.

The truth is most businesses just wing client acquisition, or leverage their reputation or the immediate need for their service.

As an outbound based business, however, just having a business doesn't cut it. People won't list their property with you unless you actively approach them.

Home buyers won't approach a loan officer or insurance agent unless they get approached by them.

This means unsless you actively do outbound prospecting, you will struggle to fill your pipeline as a service based business.


... Sure, lets automate everything.

It's not working ?!...

That's because automation only scales the systems you've already put in place.

Systematizing Your Client Acquisition

The Systems Approach to Client Acquisition

Systems are the backbone of our civilized word. They are the invisible engine that keeps successful businesses flourishing and industries scaling. 

But the lack of systems is what prevents 90% of small businesses and service professionals from accomplishing their revenue goals. 

There are only 3 variables that determine a system’s ability to consistently produce a desired result. 

Input Volume

Most businesses that rush to automation without systems in place commonly either get poor results or their get overwhelmed with a flood of leads they are not equipped to appropriately handle.

It's like pouring salt into a soup without regard for the amount of soup you are cooking.

System Tools

A strategy is not a system. A system can consist of a chain of strategies which make up multiple steps of a system.

With the objective of client acquisition, every step of your system is a conversion tool - tasked with converting it's value, so it can flow to the next stage.

Environment Feedback

Every system exists and interacts with an environment. By placing a strategic Key Performance Indicator (KPI) at every step of your System, you are able to determine the effective of your system at every individual conversion tool step, or as a whole-in its entirety.

This is the most underestimated component of a system, but also it's most essential.

... Because in the real world there is no one size fits all, or the golden blueprint.

Every system needs to be tested, and each conversion tool iterated based on the environment's feedback - which in the case of client acquisition is the market.

"Give Them a Fish and They Will Survive a Night. Teach Them How to Fish, and They will Survive the Winter, and Thrive for Life"


Scope Of Services

Client Acquisition Systems

We offer a done for you - key turn acquisition automation system.

This saves you weeks, or months trying to figure it out on your own.

We'll also hand you the necessary systems' knowledge you need to not only copy and past, but to actually understand and rethink your client acquisition system from scratch.


In your strategy session with Hermann Rohr, you will receive a complimentary consultation package worth $497.

  1. We Analyze your current processes, and custom system map.

  2. We then help you identify the areas of automation in your process that offer the greatest leverage for business and revenue growth.

  3. And we'll recommend the best tech stack to get started with right away.


Need help implementing a client acquisition system on your own?

No problem, we got you covered.

Through our Client Acquisition System training, you will attain systems thinking and access to all the necessary conversion tools you need to automate your client acquisition.

Chat Bots

We live in an age of conversational transactions. We carry conversations in our palms and everywhere we go.

Anywhere a conversation can be started, an offer can be extended, or a deal can be made.

We offer both customizable ready-made chatbots or custom-made and tailord to your business.

Data Protection

Data is the lifeblood of systems. Regulatory compliance is key to utilizing the automations in compliance with policies and best practice regulations.

If you try to navigate it as a business on your own, it can seem like a maze.

But with my experience as a GDPR compliance officer - I am happy to assist you in auditing your current Systems and processes.

That said, all our systems, automations, and chatbots follow GDPR compliance and IT security standards.


Working with Hermann Rohr you not only become another client, but part of something bigger than the parts of your business.

We are continuously striving to build a thriving community of like-minded professionals who exchange knowledge and experience when and where it's needed most on your automation journey.


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